Dorset Floor and Vault

Dorset Floor and Vault 2018

Swanage Gymnasts had a great day at ‘The Dorset Floor and Vault competition’. A big thanks goes to Chris for Judging and Joss for assisting with the Gymnasts.  We are delighted to say our Gymnasts came away with 2 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals, 2 Bronze medals. Here are some other achievements our fab Gymnasts made:

VAULT: 8 Swanage Gymnasts placed top 3 for vault and 8 placed top 6

FLOOR: 6 Swanage Gymnasts placed top 3 for floor and 7 placed top 6

OVERALL: 7 Swanage Gymnasts placed top 3 and 7 placed top 6 overall!

Badges and Spring term watching week

Notices for parents:

When we get back from the half term break we will be working on Proficiency award scheme and Advanced Proficiency award scheme badges. We have a log of which badge your child is working on, however if you are new to the club and know your child has gained badges in a previous club, please let us know which level they are on.

Badge assessments will begin on the first week of term and will continue through to the second week.

Parents watching week will be running on the last week of term: Monday 26th March- Friday 30th March (Good Friday). We will aim to make our award scheme badge presentations during this week, so book it into your diaries!


Intro to Events

Intro to… courses are a great way for you to get involved with the world of gymnastics. At the end of this course you will understand the principles of planning an event, and the various key roles that contribute to a successful delivery. You will also learn about the diverse range of exciting events that exist within gymnastics. – British Gymnastics website

This was a really productive day with Hannah tutoring an ‘Intro to Events’ course to 24 eager young leaders from Blandford Gym Club, Gryphon West Gym Club and Swanage Gymnastics. Here are our two after a busy day of learning! Well done Girls.

NDP National Level Tumbling

Congratulations to Kerry for attending this years NDP National Level Tumbling held at OLGA. She performed 3 tumbles and a conditioning routine. She placed 2nd in her group for her conditioning and placed 3rd overall giving her a Bronze medal at National Level 1. We thank Chris and Dottie for giving up their time to assist with the competition in their roles as a judge and  score runner. Well done all.

New term information

Current members

We look forward to welcoming our Gymnasts back to club on the week commencing Monday 8th January 2018. If you know that your child has been asked to move class and are unsure of its timings please get in touch with Hannah, or check the websites class page. All members class fees must be paid by/on their first class back.

Class time changes

Thursday’s Purple, Orange and Adults groups should already be aware that timings have changed slightly. Please check the websites class page for up to date information

New starters

If your child is a new starter, we look forward to meeting them next week. Please arrive in plenty of time for the class, but remain outside until coaches welcome you in. Your child will need to be suitably dressed to participate in the class, we advise shorts or leggings with a T shirt or a leotard, no jeans. Jewellery can not be worn when participating in Gymnastics.

You will be asked to fill in a details form for your child and may drop off or stay to watch your child’s free trial session. At the end of the class you will be given details of how to join the club. The club runs from The Swanage School’s Sports hall, High St, Swanage BH19 2PH

We look forward to seeing you all soon!



Coach Education

Big congratulations to Kerry for passing her level 1 Coaching exam! Well done to all of the gymnasts who have helped her to achieve this. We also thank the wonderful parents who drove, shared lifts to and from the course dates and exam. It is not a light task to complete a coaching qualification and Kerry has worked very hard to get all coursework and practical tasks done alongside her school work. Well done!