Swanage Gymnastics was created in 2014 to provide Gymnastics for the youth of Swanage and surrounding areas. Gymnastics can benefit strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance; it can also be a great way to improve group participation skills and individual confidence.

We are proud to offer professional gymnastics coaching for both boys and girls in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. We aim to give a great gymnastics experience to everyone, from those members who simply enjoy participating in weekly classes, to those wishing to get involved in outside projects such as competitions and displays.


In 2011 Gymnastics coaching was brought to the¬†primary schools of Swanage through extra curricular Gymnastics clubs. These classes were popular and highlighted a need for more Gymnastics in the town. The decision was made to create a new club that could bring children together from different schools through a shared passion for Gymnastics. Swanage Gymnastics opened in 2014 and ran from¬†at St Mary’s Primary school before moving to The Swanage School. The club continues to run from The Swanage school, and currently meets 3 evenings a week.