All about leotards…


We are often asked ‘What should my child wear to Gymnastics?’

When starting out we are happy for participants to wear shorts or leggings and a T shirt (T shirt tucked in and no jeans)

However, once your child has committed to a class you may want to consider purchasing a leotard. Leotards are the most appropriate attire for doing Gymnastics for a number of reasons:

  • They are comfortable for the Gymnasts
  • They allow freedom of movement without restriction of extra material
  • They look smart and allow coaches to see correct body positions when teaching
  • They are fitted, therefore safer when coaches support Gymnasts. Extra material and un-tucked T shirts can get caught.

We have our own club leotards which can be purchased through Hannah. Please look at the Leotard order form for size guide and prices. Your child may be asked to wear a club leotard for competitions, however we do offer a ‘hire option’ for competitions.

For normal classes we do allow your child to wear a leotard of their choice. We have no restrictions on colours or patterns, however leotards with skirts attached are not appropriate. The price of leotards can vary, here are a few good places to find leotards on the internet:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • A star leotards
  • Little stars leotards
  • Quatro leotards
  • The Zone
  • Milano pro sport

Your investment will be worthwhile as leotards have a long life! It may be worth getting in touch with other parents if you wish to sell leotards on or buy one second hand.

We hope you take the following information as useful and ask that you may consider sending your child to their Gymnastics class in a leotard. For some more useful reading we have a link to Gemma Coles ‘Head over heels Gymnastics’ blog… 8 Things to consider when choosing a leotard for your child

We look forward to seeing some fun and exciting leotards in the new term!


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